Being a leader, you have a great responsibility ahead of you. As a leader there are also some attitudes that you should avoid in order not to create a conflictive, tense and unmotivated work environment.

1.- Promote division among coworkers: In addition to directing, you must promote cooperation.

2.- Not recognizing the work of your team: Of course, you should make sure that things go well, but remember that your team is the one who does them.

3.- Show preferences: Don’t forget the golden rule, “in the office everyone should be treated equally.”

4.- Not getting involved in team processes: Never forget about work processes.

5.- Not motivating your team to learn new things: As a leader, you should always encourage your team to grow in their profession.

Remember that leaders are also part of the team. If you are in charge of a team, follow these steps and surely everything will go perfectly.

Source: Entrepreneur