Philanthropist, Guatemalan-American businessman, President of the Board of Directors of 12 Latin American companies dedicated to the development of digital and physical technological products, specialist in personal development projects, leadership, and network marketing.


More than
Years of
experience in
Digital Economy

Attended Events

3200 Asistentes

Consenso Empresarial São Paulo 2019

São Paulo, Brazil, 2019
6000 Asistentes

AirBit Club Singapur 2019

Singapur, 2019
2000 Asistentes

Disruptors: Meeting of Creative Minds

Puebla, México, 2019
350 Asistentes

TedX Palmitas: to be or not to be in the cryptoeconomy

Hidalgo, México, 2019
500 Asistentes

Motor Sport Cocktail Gala Monterrey 2019

Monterrey, México, 2019
100 Asistentes

A technological vision for the future of democracy: Mexican Senate

México, 2019
5000 Asistentes

End of year ceremony Hong Kong 2019

Hong Kong, 2019
3000 Asistentes

Consensus AirBit Club 3.0

Panamá, 2018
4000 Asistentes

The Assembly Of Champions

Moscú, Rusia , 2018
2000 Asistentes

Dubai Summit 2018

Dubai, 2018
2500 Asistentes

"World Cashflow Record" Robert Kiyosaki 2017

México, 2017
4000 Asistentes

Macao Summit 2017

Macao, 2017
1200 Asistentes

Jordan Belfort Conference “The Wolf of Wall Street”

México, 2017


An official announcement on July 24 by the Huobi Group – the operator of the Singapore headquarters Huobi Global – revealed that Huobi Thailand was expected to launch in the third quarter of 2019, offering both crypto-to-regulated crypto and crypto trading. access ramp for fiat money. Huobi Thailand will use Huobi Group’s Huobi Cloud platform […]

Japan is pressing for the establishment of an international network similar to SWIFT for crypto payments, according to a Reuters report published on July 18. By choosing to remain anonymous, a person familiar with the report said Tokyo plans to have the system up and running for years to come. Drilling down into the details […]


Blockchain and Databases

Technological innovation in 50 seconds

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“Leading the way for more people to know that this is the best time for crypto economy. ”
Jhonatan Quiroz
“The best among the best. A warrior, a mentor. ”
Juan Vasquez
“Great leader. Thank you for your commitment. ”
Rodrigo Ponda
“Proud of our master and his commitment to education in digital economy and technology. ”
Tony Paz
“My total admiration. Thanks for teaching us with facts. ”
Diana Milenota

“If you think you can,
wonderful things will happen.”