What is the New Digital Economy?

For Rodríguez, new technologies and trends have been key factors for the new and growing digital economy. Nowadays, the new generations adopt decentralization naturally, which has forced individuals and companies to renew their thinking, operating and executing their personal and business activities.

In addition to Bitcoin, the crypto economy involves other digital assets that are also part of the market, as well as the Blockchain technology that works as a public accounting book that records transactions made between people to people, without the need to use databases, encrypting the transaction. , generating a registration algorithm and keeping the transaction indelible, safe, and public.

For this reason, Rodriguez considers that Blockchain: “is one of the most important technological innovations of the last decade.” “The digital economy is an opportunity for anyone who wants to educate themselves and undertake some solid project that generates profit on digital assets. In this way, you can expand the business portfolio, obtain a new source of income, and undertake. ”

His education and practice in this new movement began in early 2013. “Currently, I am part of a club that exceeds 1.8 million people where we generate profits on digital assets every day and we are in more than one hundred countries.” The evolution of the digital economy has transformed money as we know it, in addition to reducing barriers such as lack of transparency, complicated procedures, and centralization.

As Renato commented: “the crypto-economy is taking an important place in the current economy. The future indicates that paper money will no longer be necessary for the next 2 decades and will most likely cease to exist. ”


Fuente: https://www.milenio.com/negocios/que-es-la-nueva-economia-digital-renato-rodriguez