Blockchain promoter Renato Rodríguez arrives to London

Blockchain technology is known as a system that allows secure transactions between people without the need for an intermediary. The information entered in this digital book cannot be altered or removed, making it an immutable and permanent record.

Due to the multiple advantages it offers and the digital evolution that is influencing the traditional economy, blockchain is an important phase of adoption among global companies, which classify it as an indispensable tool to migrate to more efficient, fast, and secure systems.

One of the challenges that this new technology must face is the lack of education that exists around this topic. However, various personalities experts in the matter have made an effort to teach the true function of blockchain.

Among them, Renato Rodríguez stands out, economist and businessman who during the last ten years has dedicated himself to promoting and training diverse groups of people regarding crypto-economics and blockchain. In addition, it has undertaken in these areas, through the creation of applications, platforms, and companies dedicated to technological evolution.

As part of his training and education program, Renato Rodríguez has decided to attend the most important blockchain event in the world: “Blockchain Tech World”, which will take place on March 11 and 12 in London, England.

The purpose of this two-day conference is to promote blockchain adoption across industries by connecting major investors, founders, and developers with top blockchain executives, entrepreneurs, and influencers. Attendees will be part of a comprehensive agenda with leadership sessions, case studies, demonstrations, and updates from the digital world.

By being part of this important event, Rodríguez seeks to contribute with his experience to the academic and business debate around this movement as well as create content that he can share with the network of people seeking education