Renato Rodríguez and Cafu: Exponents of the Business Consensus in São Paulo

The event was attended by more than 4,000 members of the Club from different countries of the world. Among the invited personalities, highlighted Renato Rodríguez, an expert businessman in economics and mathematics who has been dedicated to promoting the crypto-economy worldwide for 10 years. In his different workshops and talks, Rodríguez delved into various extremely important topics to educate users of this platform to promote its growth and development within it.

The expert focused on new trends in Blockchain technology and new trends in cryptocurrencies. In addition, he dedicated a segment to talk about the tools for businesses that want to be part of the crypto world. Rodríguez has also been dedicated to giving talks on motivation and leadership, so she took this opportunity to teach attendees about leadership, sales, and marketing network strategies. Along these same lines, the 2019 Business Consensus had as a special guest the famous soccer player Cafú, who played in two Brazilian world champion teams, being the team captain during his victory in 2002.

During the second day of the event, Cafú took the stage to share with the audience and motivate them to work hard in their business, to become the leaders that an effective work team needs. “The captain is the leader, he is the man who gives respect, he is the man who arrives early and leaves late, listens to everyone who is by his side and solves problems wisely by listening to his team,” he expressed in his conference.

Amid applause and laughter, he ended his appearance by launching autographed balls to the public and motivating them to always be positive to obtain greater professional and personal growth.

This is the second event organized by this Club during the year, in order to be a space for members of this Club to interact, meet other users and fully educate themselves in the world of the digital economy through experts on different topics.