Renato Rodriguez and the Adoption of Blockchain in Marketing

Renato Rodríguez promotes the use of blockchain technology in marketing to obtain better results.

The development of blockchain technology is not limited only to the financial sector but to various other industries as well including marketing. This is due to its ability to address transparency and data protection; two of the most important needs for customers.

According to Renato Rodríguez, businessman, economist, and expert on the subject, “blockchain-based marketing campaigns allow companies to have better control of their funds and ensure that they are used to obtain authentic and organic results.”

In addition, this technology also enables you to create brand recognition organically by changing the way marketers collect data, target customers, and manage ads. Rodríguez added, “specialists can use blockchain in keyword tracking to create more accurate and data-driven campaigns. Ad impressions and clicks are authentic because they are recorded in a reliable database.”

Lastly, the expert considers the data of social media users is tracked and used to satisfy the needs of third parties often without their consent. However, through blockchain technology, a decentralized network can be created that allows users to share and connect without the current surveillance.

In this way, technological advances can facilitate tasks and be the ideal allies to generate a double benefit relationship between companies and users ensuring a high level of trust and excellent results.