Renato Rodríguez: Expert in Blockchain technology and Crypto Finance.

Since Bitcoin’s inception in 2009, the digital economy has rapidly evolved as a result of the development and adoption of new technologies. Currently, there are various digital assets with real value that function as money, electronic wallets that allow you to store cryptocurrencies, and an accounting book that stands out for being immutable and keeping track of all these transactions called Blockchain.

Within this area, various personalities experts in this complex matter have stood out, who have dedicated themselves to educating the population about this new trend through talks, training, and various ventures. This is the case of businessman Renato Rodríguez who has more than 15 years of experience in the economic sector and has stood out for his work as a promoter of crypto-economics and Blockchain technology around the world.

For this reason, he was recently listed by the specialized financial technology and crypto-economy medium “Blockonomi” as one of the 50 most important international Blockchain speakers. In this article, he is recognized for his work in developing new technologies for the implementation of the digital economy in different societies, as well as naming him the leader of one of the world’s largest network marketing companies, which specializes in education and crypto-economics.

Rodríguez, certified by the “Blockchain Academy” in London, is in a constant process of education and training within this area since one of his main purposes is to educate both the population and the government about the crypto world, as well as innovate through technological tools that facilitate the insertion of the digital economy in everyday life.