To be a good leader you don’t need perfection, but you do have to fulfill three particularly essential elements to develop true confidence in your workgroup according to an extensive study conducted by the Harvard Business Review in which 360 evaluations were carried out to 87,000 leaders.

1) Positive relationships:

A highly trustworthy leader is capable of generating positive relationships with other people and groups. There are certain tasks and habits that will allow the development of trust in your group:

Be aware of the issues and concerns of others and show sincere concern. Don’t just consider them once but ask and consistently support them.

Encourage cooperation among your peers and effectively resolve conflicts that may arise.

Share honest, helpful, and respectful feedback.

2) Good judgment / Experience:

A very important factor that makes people trust a leader is their level of knowledge and how informed they are. A good leader knows how to understand the technical aspects of work as well as having extensive experience. This means that:

They use their good judgment when making decisions.

Other people trust their ideas and opinions.

Other people seek their opinion.

Their knowledge and experience contribute to achieving results.

They can anticipate problems and respond quickly when something doesn’t go as expected.

3) Consistency:

The last element of trust is keeping consistency between what is said and what is done. Generally, people rate a leader as highly trustworthy if:

They are a good role model and they set a good example.

Their actions are consistent with their ideas and opinions.

They do what they promise.

They keep their commitments.

They are willing to go beyond what needs to be done.

“Finally, you are the architect of your own destiny”

Source: Renato Rodríguez