Why the 2020s May Be the Decade of Hyperbitcoinization

Bitcoin (BTC)’s monetary fairness may lead to the 2020s becoming the decade of hyperbitcoinization, which is a theorized form of Bitcoin-induced currency demonetization, according to Lucas Nuzzi, Head of Network Data at US-based crypto data provider Coin Metrics.

“Everything that we’ve experienced up until this point has solidified the value proposition of Bitcoin,” he said during Messari’s Mainnet online conference earlier this week.

Nuzzi explained that Bitcoins’ fair distribution and turbulent history have created this “truly decentralized and stateless monetary base.”

“And stateless beyond just nation states. [There’s] not a foundation, not a development arm, not a development company [behind Bitcoin]. It’s a truly stateless monetary base that strengthens the case for BTC as a store of value, which now can be supported by data and really solidify this idea that Bitcoin is the antithesis of interventionism and the type of money that we will need heading into the 2020s,” he stressed.

Source:  https://cryptonews.com/exclusives/why-the-2020s-may-be-the-decade-of-hyperbitcoinization-6757.htm